User Manual: Vok XL features


A Vok XL is a 4-wheeled cargo bike with electric pedal assistance. Below are described some of the main characteristics of the bike.

Nominal power:250 W
Max speed:25 km/h
Range:50 or 100 km
Overall dimensions:H: 1840 x W: 924 x L: 3235 mm
Cargo compartment dimensions:H: 1455 x W: 850 x D: 1593 mm
Cargo compartment volume:2000 l
Vehicle unladen mass:~240 kg (most usual configuration)
Max payload:200 kg
Max weight of the driver:100 kg
Max weight of driver + payload:300 kg
Max laden mass of the bike:541 kg
Operating temperature:-20 …+40 °C
Pedal assist:Vok dynamic drive by wire system
Brakes:Hydraulic disc brakes
Battery:1 or 2 Li-ion battery packs
Motors:2x In-hub motors

Noise declaration

The A-weighted emission sound pressure level at the driver’s ears is less than 70 dB(A).