Drivetrain for
four wheeled e-bikes

Comprehensive drivetrain solution for four wheeled e-bikes

Series hybrid


Acceleration, braking and reversing all integrated to your pedals

  • Service free
    With no wearable components, our system eliminates service costs, saving you up to €612 annually in maintenance expenses.
  • Optimized for real-life professional use
    Torque control is finely tuned to enable riders to work over 8 hours with minimal fatigue, ensuring maximum productivity.
  • Proprietary controls
    Artificial pedal feedback generated from a number of vehicle dynamic variables and driver action variables

Powerful and intelligent electric drivetrain

4 Wheel DRIVE


Vok 4 DRIVE system is the only drivetrain for e-bikes allowing 4 wheel drive and equal torque distibution

Longest lifetime


Power transmission system with no wearable components, ensuring unmatched reliability for commercial vehicles

Climb with ease


Engineered with high thermal conductance, our design allows for extended climbing even with heavy loads.

  • Power meets reliability
    Heavy-duty shaft and bearings design for high shock and vibration handling. Waterproofed with precision sliding seals for all weather conditions.
  • Specialized performance direct drive
    • Bespoke electromagnetic design optimized on real drive cycle data
    • Lowest power transmission losses
    • Unaffected by extreme temperatures

Fully independent suspension


Offering best in class comfort and cornering safety

Regenerative braking first


Blended brake force with regenerative braking to minimise mechanical wear

Regenerative brakes


Only regenerative braking system truly replacing the mechanical brakes

Mechanical brakes


  • 4 x Dual piston hydraulic brake system
  • Ultra high milage brake pads in small caliper design
  • High pullback design for maximum pad-life and minimum noise

Vehicle control unit


Bespoke control unit to deliver the upmost in reliability, performance and next generation of telemetry, diagnostics, driver aids

Safe and connected battery

Swappable battery


From single battery to multi battery systems fitting every use case efficiently

  • High power capability
    High peak power handling for efficient acceleration and deceleration of a fully loaded vehicle.
  • Comprehensive set of safety features on board
    Under/overtemperature protection, balancing, overcurrent protection, dynamic power limiting, capacity estimation

High power handling


Only e-bike battery designed to handle 3kW regenerative braking energy safely and reliably

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