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Our clients include

Stuart and Vok Bikes partner in London
Donkey Republic and Vok Bikes partnership
Mathem and Vok Bikes partnership
Omniva partners with Vok Bikes
Wolt partners with Vok Bikes

Built for heavy duty use


  • Cargo bikes with the longest maintenance cycle around.
  • The custom hydraulic brakes, heavy duty tyres and pedal-by-wire drivetrain outlast off-the-shelf components and keep Voks in continuous operation.
  • Our vertically integrated supply chain enables quick spare parts availability, leading to less downtime for operators.



  • Swappable batteries
  • Range 50-100 km 
  • Max speed 25 km/h
  • Cargo volume (standard)  400 L
  • Payload (standard) 120 kg
  • Bike-path compatible with 850 mm width

The safest light delivery vehicle


  • Traction control and ABS keep the riders in control in all kinds of weather. 
  • A full light set and windscreen wipers provide high visibility and additional safety in all conditions.

Keep the riders happy


  • The roof makes the Vok a pleasant ride in any weather.
  • The comfortable seat and regenerative pedalling system mean that it requires no physical strength to operate. 
  • With the Vok box, riders can bundle deliveries without breaking their back.
  • Hopping on and off the bike is fast thanks to the RFID locking system and no seatbelt requirement.

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We offer bikes for purchase worldwide and full-service rent in Berlin, London, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius.

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Omniva and Vok cargo bikes

Our durable electric cargo bikes tackle the biggest challenges in urban deliveries — from speed and efficiency to improving working conditions and supporting human-friendly city spaces.


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