The bike for your couriers and business

speed 25km/h range 100km

Rethink your delivery fleet with no-hassle full-service rental

From €259 per month

Why Vok Bikes

Flexible pricing with buy-out option

Driving range of up to 100 km

Bike path compatible with 850mm width

Built for heavy daily use all year round

Maximum cargo volume 1900 liters

Automotive-grade safety with bike-like agility

Weatherproof courier-friendly design

Doubles as a moving billboard

No drivers license needed

Deliver large and bundled orders

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Service your fleet and clients faster and greener

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Optimize deliveries, man-hours, and the fleet

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Last-mile and on-demand delivery markets are booming. But there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Our durable electric cargo bikes tackle the biggest challenges in urban deliveries — from speed and efficiency to improving working conditions and supporting human-friendly city spaces.

Grow your fleet sustainably!

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