User Manual: Troubleshooting


In case of unusual performance of the vehicle collect as many details as possible:

  1. Park the vehicle in a safe and traffic free area
  2. Locate the part or component causing the unusual performance.
  3. Visually inspect if there is any kind of physical damage to the part itself or the parts it’s connected to.
  4. Track down the moment the issue first appeared:
    • Time, date and place
    • Battery status
    • Context in which it happened (recent maintenance or modification, recent level of utilization, weather etc.)
  5. Make relevant visual material (photo or video).

After collecting the data, forward it to our technical support team who will help you troubleshoot and help with the issue. You will find the contact information at the beginning of this manual.


Description automatically generated Do not perform troubleshooting operations or roadside repairs in traffic!

Instructions for the most commonly needed repair jobs can be found in the interactive Mechanic’s Zone at or by directly contacting Vok Support.


Description automatically generated If unscheduled repairs are performed on the bike, a maintenance checklist should also be conducted to assess the overall condition of the bike and determine if additional repair jobs are needed.