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E-van alternative

Vok electric cargo bikes offer automotive grade quality in the bike lane.

speed 15mph range 60mi

Unexpected yet powerful alternative to electric vans, combining efficiency, agility, and sustainability.

Bike lanes beat congestion


Vok challenges the status quo, offering a delivery solution that defies expectations and delivers outstanding performance.

Benefits of using a Vok Bike


Speed and Agility

Navigate through traffic with ease and reach your destination faster.



Save on fuel, maintenance, and parking costs compared to electric vans.



Reduce your carbon footprint with zero emissions.


No Driver's License Required

Simplify your hiring process and expand your pool of potential personnel.


Unique Brand Image

Stand out with a cutting-edge, eco-conscious delivery method.


Urban Accessibility

Reach places vans can’t, such as pedestrian zones and narrow streets.

Electric van offers a step towards sustainability, Vok takes a leap further.

No ULEZ and congestion charge


Access areas restricted to vehicles, avoid traffic congestion and provide a more personal customer experience.

Proven success in the UK

Sukhpal Ahluwalia - image
Sukhpal Ahluwalia Executive Chairman at GSF

These Vok Bikes allow GSF to deliver to our customers in record time.

Adam - image
Adam Operations manager

Sustainable on time delivery is as important as fresh and tasty food.

Dale Todd - image
Dale Todd Managing Director at The Courtyard Pantry

Vok is a true workhorse for our organisation.

Jeremy Lewis-Phillips - image
Jeremy Lewis-Phillips Managing Director at Handyman Station

With Vok bikes, we go to places where others can’t.

Choose Vok over an electric van

Purchase Vok S

£ 9,990+VAT

Also available for lease and full-service rent

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420 l cargo space

120 kg payload

Small and nimble

Discover S

Vok Bike XL automotive

Purchase Vok XL


Also available for lease and full-service rent

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2 mᶟ cargo space

200 kg payload

Spacious and agile

Discover XL

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