Time Slots & Pricing for Couriers

June 7, 2022

Valid for couriers in London, UK.

Until September 2022, a decreased rate of £1 / hour applies, which makes £3 / 3h.

From September 2022 the following prices apply:


Book a Vok Bike via Cachet

In between the 3-hour slots are 30-minute handover breaks. If you book two consecutive slots, you do not need to return to the hub but simply exchange the batteries yourself (we’ll show you how, in the Hub).

Changes to your existing bookings

Please note, that this service is still in beta and all functionalities have not been fully developed just yet, including cancellations and changes to your bookings.

At the moment, we allow changes to your booking up to 24 hours before the time of the relevant slot. To change the booking simply email us at shoreditch@vokbikes.com

NB! Changes to your bookings less than 24 hours before your relevant slot and cancellations are currently not possible.